Business Director

Oliver Evans

Meet Oliver: Leading Quality in ERP in the UK

With a passion for relationship-based work, Oliver’s journey in recruitment began at a premier boutique agency, where he honed his skills over six years. Specialising in ERP recruitment, Oliver’s expertise and dedication led him to become a partner in 2022.

Transition to JSS 

Now serving as a Business Director for Commerce and Industry at JSS Transform, Oliver brings his wealth of experience to elevate the already busy ERP transformation desk. His goal is to leverage his extensive network and expertise to provide clients and candidates at JSS Transform with a trusted specialist, emphasising a less transactional and more value-added approach.


Oliver specialises in ERP (HRIS and Finance) Transformation, focusing on platforms such as SAP, Oracle, Workday, and D365. His industry-agnostic approach allows him to work across sectors, covering roles from Programme Directors to project and programme support teams. Whether it’s greenfield implementations, upgrades, process optimisation, M&A, or turnaround programs, Oliver’s end-to-end transformation experience sets him apart.

Connect with Oliver

Looking for an insight-based, partnership-driven recruitment expert in ERP Transformation? Connect with Oliver today to experience a client-centric approach and discover how his expertise can benefit your organisation. Reach out for a conversation and take your ERP initiatives to the next level with Oliver and JSS Transform.